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has to sell seven memberships to grow by one, and most established clubs are losing as many members as they sign up every year. That can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per club in lost revenue, the majority of which should have been profits.
In fact by improving retention and member loyalty, most health clubs and leisure centers could potentially double their profits in one year.
In 2005, IHRSA chose Face2Face as its official retention program to plug the leak and help the global industry reach 120 million members by the year 2010.


“Why reinvent the wheel? It would take us forever to put all this together ourselves and I know it would not be as effective as Face2Face”
“Why any club owner would want a member to wander round their gym floor aimlessly is beyond me. Face2Face makes such common sense it should be common practice for every new member.”
“The Face2Face results guarantee, ongoing support and time-efficient workouts are all fantastic marketing advantages that the program has given us. Our competitors can’t copy us because without Face2Face they can’t back...
“These packs are very impressive and the members really appreciate the fact we are giving them something they perceive as valuable, tangible and relevant to where they are at in their lives. A great idea, well put together ...
“We were selling plenty of memberships, but we lost just as many every month. Now that we have Face2Face working all year round, our sales are up and the cancellations are down, so our growth is at a record high.”