Why Members Quit

Are you losing as many members as you sign up? Get consistent membership growth from your marketing, sales and retention with the Face2Face program

Nobody wants to be a loser. All members who join a health club have an expectation of success and are usually willing to do their part. They just need to be shown the way.
Yet statistically, less than half ever form a regular exercise habit. Studies across the United States and Europe have conclusively identified the following risk factors in retention:
  • 42% of new members quit exercising within 30 days of joining
  • Traditional new-member orientations fall well short of meeting the members' needs, leaving them with a sense of abandonment
  • An alarming majority of new members feel overwhelmed and intimidated in their new surroundings
  • Time constraints and programs that take too long are common reasons cited for inconsistent attendance
  • Almost all members want to see results. However, very few clubs provide progressive evaluations outside of additional paid services such as Personal Training
Face2Face is the first and leading program that helps new members transform their lifestyle, guarantees results and creates raving fans who will willingly bring their friends and family to share in their success.