Sales and Marketing

Stand out from the pack with strong and desirable messages of the Face2Face guaranteed results, professional advice and unequalled support. Break away from demoralizing price wars and focus on positive messages like real client testimonials from raving fans.
Face2Face can drive your marketing with:
  • Annual marketing calendar of events
  • Advertising templates ready to reproduce or printed for you on demand
  • Automated marketing from the F2F-IT software with email and print mail scheduled contacts to past and current leads
  • Graphic support and templates for billboards, fliers, lead boxes, in-house posters and more

Results-Focused Sales Systems

Win more members with the Face2Face results-focused sales systems. There is no need for hard sales tactics once you have our proven and genuine approach to membership sales.
Face2Face turns the invisible promise of help and expertise into a physical, tangible product and an exclusive benefit of membership at your club.
Increase your closing rates and decrease buyer's remorse with these great sales resources:
  • WELCOME NEEDS ANALYSIS - Uncover the vital reasons to join
  • F2F CLIENT FILE - Communicate each member's essential information
  • F2F DISPLAY BOARD - Visually proves a path to success
  • F2F SUCCESS TIMELINE™ - Map the journey highlights ahead
  • F2F-IT SOFTWARE - Record, report, track and close sales leads
Best of all, in an industry where sales staff are typically in high demand and hard to keep, Face2Face provides real direction and job satisfaction so staff stay longer and you can focus your recruitment on hiring genuine people that Face2Face will make look like sales superstars . . . without the hard sell.

Sales Tracking Systems

Log, schedule, track and report all your team's sales activities in one place with one system that fully integrates with your sales documentation, marketing pieces and fitness programming.
No more spreadsheets or manual accounting sales performance.
Get all this and more at just the push of a button:
  • Enter all phone, walk-in and outreach prospects
  • Instant tour and sign-up appointment scheduling
  • Auto email reminders and missed appointment actions
  • Key Performance Indicators for instant sales performance reports by individuals and teams in any date range
  • Master production Log to show all sales and membership outcomes including the service outcomes for retention and Personal Training services
  • Set up a new sales person, their daily, weekly or ongoing monthly schedule and tasked activities in just minutes
  • Daily sales follow up reminder lists, future contact management and outcome reports